At our three main locations in Klagenfurt, Bern and Düsseldorf, our employees develop interior design concepts that inspire and impress in the long run. Only when we succeed in fulfilling individual needs and ideas, we can be satisfied with our work. A smile on the faces of our customers and trusting partnerships are our greatest inspiration.

Filip Ogris-Martič & Herbert Maierhofer,
Josef Greiler,
Authorised Representative
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Anka Horjak,
Management m-design
Maierhofer Deutschland GmbH
Dipl.-Ing. Arch. Marion Gautsch,
Management m-design
Maierhofer Schweiz AG
Jutta Kerle,
Management Assistant
Darko Nikolic M.Arch,
Christina Knorr M.A. Arts & Design,
Design & Innovation
Daniela Schellander MSc,
Mag. Ing. Arch. Natali Babić,
Architect / Interior Designer
Manuel Petschenig,
Project Management
Ing. David Ambrosch,
Planning & Project Management
Ing. Emanuel Pesentheiner,
Planning & Quality Management
Mst. Ing. Michaela Künstl,
Project Management
Dipl.-Ing. Eva Maria Schnitzler,
Key Account Management
Ing. Patrick Leininger,
Planning & Project Management
Ing. Andreas Lausegger, MSc,
Senior Project Management
Mag. Arch. Slavina G. Pulsinger,
Architect / Interior Designer
Mst. Markus Lobnig,
Project Manager
Stefan Steinwender,
Site Coordination & Site Management
Dipl.-Ing. M.Arch. Milka Obrenic,
Mst. Luca de Roja,
Project Manager

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